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The websites I list here really were a help to me. I can't truly trust all of them because most of them are based on some sort of opinion or another. The pages that are just lists of facts I tend to trust. Most of the time, things repeat... does that prove validity or just that they looked on those same sites for their research?

These links will probably give you a hint on what I plan, but not completely. For those readers who are curious as to what I pull from, please check out some of these sites.


Drink Deeply and Dream
An extensive site that echoes what I try to get across here, yet I warp the truth
A Theory On Real Vampirism
Welcome to the Official Konstantinos Web Site
Transylvanian Society of Dracula
The Vampire's Vault
Vampyres Only
Temple of the Vampire
The Vampire-Pages of Labich
Diseases Related to Vampirism
Vampire Lore
Pathway to Darkness - the Ultimate Online Vampire Resource!
alt.vampyres FAQ
Vamp Trivia
Vampires: Medieval Thru Renaissance Periods
Vampiric People's Resource Page
SANGUINARIUS: The Vampire Support Page
For Real Vampires, Blood Drinkers, Psychic Vampires (Psyvamps) Curious Welcome

Taoism - Introductions to Taoism or Daoism
Sacred Ways of Earth: Taoism - A Beginner's Perspective
EAWC Anthology: The Tao Te Ching
Taoism - Tao Te Ching Translations
Taoism Information Page
Tales from the Tao
Taoist Circle Organization
Defining Paganism: Paleo-, Meso-, and Neo-
Witchcraft/Pagan Sites On The Web
Shadow World
The Dark Goddesses
Book of Shadows: Invocation of Lilith
Invocation of Lilith
The Lillith Myth
The Craft
Hexes and Curses?
Witchcraft Dawning!
Catala's Witchcraft Page
Arachne's Web: Pagan/Wiccan Links
The Witching Hours: Medieval Through Enlightenment Period European Witch History
Punishment, Torture, and Ordeal
Wicca FAQ
Christianity And Wicca
Bushido (Way of the Warrior)
Ronin and Samurai The Historical Ronin
Ninjas:Table of contents
This was a huge help.
The Gothic: Theory and Practice
Police take sex crimes seriously
Law Guide - California Criminal Laws: Sex Crimes
Christian Sex Crimes

The Underground Tour
A Seattle Lexicon: Lingo from the Far Corner
Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District
Seattle Slanguage
Yahoo: Medieval
Medieval & Renaissance Games
Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:Literature:Periods and Movements:Victorian
18th century Letters from America
Interactive Southern Time Line of History and Folklore 1781-1790
United States Resources: Virginia
Bushido (Way of the Warrior)
Medieval & Renaissance Games
A Medeival Dream
Halloween -- History and Traditions of the Holiday
The Real Origins of Halloween
The Origins of Halloween
Darkside Parlour (Halloween)

Books of Research and Inspiration

  • Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. The Complete Vampire Companion. New York: MacMillan, 1994. Pb. ISBN #0671850245
  • Collins, Nancy A. Midnight Blue: the Sonja Blue Collection. New York: White Wolf, 1995. Pb. ISBN #1565049004
  • Collins, Nancy A. Dhampire: Stillborn. DC Comics, 1997. Pb. ISBN #1563892561

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