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I was very surprised at the positive responces I've gotten about this burgeoning series. Now, not only do I write for myself, but I look forward to what readers will say in responce to my treatment of the characters. Things have a way of getting out of hand.

Since I am an artist first and foremost, I've sketched out my ideas of the characters in Coven for a pretty long time. Mostly, they're very small sketches in my sketchbook, but occassionally, I proceed with a finished piece. I submit the following for the reader's pleasure.

I took Basic Drawing in the spring semester of 1998. We were messing with bamboo and ink and I went to doodling. Eventually, this popped out and I am rather pleased to this day.

Langley as an angel in Matthias' eyes. Further Coven stories will tell you why exactly she is sad, but the "tortured" part of her look might already be guessed at.

Done in my old basic drawing class, this is a previously unseen printmaking of a drawing spoof I did of Savage Garden's CD cover. Excuse the inverted "Coven of", it was my idiot mistake. ;) I put the anarchy sign to hide it, but... ah well.

The "loving" couple that never seem to meet eye to eye on thoughts. Gotta adore tortured love.

Oh my two favorite freak adolescents! Done with a mechanical pencil and a brush pen. Methinx I will do this more often.

Drawn by my boyfriend (as of Christmas 1999) Alex Abdoulaev from Elfwood, this is his. He's been a fan of Coven since Genesis and I am honored to have this illustration from him for Genesis.

This picture started with a pose, but turned into one of my favorite assassins. I think I'll do a series for the characters in this style.

Yes, I intend to do a Coven of Angels wallpaper like this too, with another logo. This is for 800x600 resolutions, but it also comes in sizes 1024x768 and 1152x864.

Told you I'd start. Here's Langley. Also available for 800x600 wallpaper.

My love Alex's vision of Songblade from Static, upcoming story.

Coven of Angels copyright () 1998 Sylvia Leung. All rights reserved.