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Here it is, folks, a project that lasted two years (1997-1999) under the domain I was once very passionate about this story; in fact, if you go to the Wish3 forums, you will see the summaries of about 50+ stories I had originally planned. Unfortunately, the muse totally died on this one. I had based it on a relationship and as relationships don't last... ;)
The webrings and some images don't work, I have odd banners, and many things about this site are wrong, but I will let it go because I don't really care. Have fun reading this stuff, however, I still think it's pretty good for my second writing project. I also just realized I had two stories completed, but never put up! Enjoy! ^_^

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Vampires have long enchanted our minds in occult novels and superstition. What if vampires truly existed? In the here and now, in the cities with you, on the subway, across from you on the bus, waiting behind you in the line for the groceries. They can be as human as any of us. They've studied us for centuries, they were once human themselves.

Langley Shelby was a freakish art college student with strange tastes that ran into the occult. Matthias Carmichael was her level-headed boyfriend, an intellectual and her constant companion.

They had talked of being vampires, but you know how the youth are these days: all talk, no show. But for an event of one day, one bizarre chance, they enter the world they had darkly dreamed of only to know they could never exit.

So they do the only thing they can: wing it. No amount of books had prepared her and no amount of guts could save him. As if their future together were to be a steady one, the tensions mounts with fear, affection, and the dark rising of the moon.

(Warning: Stories contain various amounts of rated R to NC-17 material. Discretion advised)

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In the beginning, there was a calm phone call. In the end, there is a hospital bed. What happens between is the maze of an underground society and a young couple on the blurred borders of fantasy and reality.

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To covet something is to want something as your own, to possess it with an emotion bordering on obsession. Since it's dangerous to want something you could never have, how deadly is it to covet?

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A pitfall of living is regret. The more comfortable regret becomes in your life, the more your life is wasted. The more moments fly by without acknowledgement and action, the more daemons get fed.

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Beyond the threshold of consciousness is the mind that cannot see. This mind percieves more than what we know, more than what we dream, and more than we can fear.

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We can no more prevent who we are born to than we can resist breathing. How we live with that knowledge is up to us. It is a difficult decision and a harsher road to fight the monster within to let the angel shine.

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The more we live, the more we learn; the more we learn, the more we know; the more we know, the more we fear; the more we fear, the more we hide.

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A stranger enters Matt and Langley's lives. The question of trust arises and the lovers discover they are on different sides.

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What causes a person to fragment and break? A broken heart. What causes a person to lose their humanity? The gift. This is the story of a girl that survives both and becomes something more disturbing.

Coven of Angels copyright () 1998 Sylvia Leung. All rights reserved.